TO’A as a Concept:

The word TO’A is composed of two parts, named TO (in Persian meaning You) an A’ a (in Persian as a commanding form of the verb Come) such a term means inviting and summoning the human being to seven chief principles of Olympic with a new approach and in the form of an Iranian Martial Art. TO’A is also used as a respect term in this sport activity.

Another meaning of TO’A is (wisdom) and Grand Master mostly meant this meaning, so kung fu TO’A means way of wisdom.


Type of Kung Fu (TO’A):

Kung fu TO’A is a very dynamic and energetic martial art. It is the mixing between internal and external aspect of martial arts. In kung fu TO’A , a practitioner prepares himself for all conditions of contact and fight but in a logic of timing and distance to control or destroy opponent very fast if it is necessary. Kung Fu TO’A develops many self defence techniques too. In Kung Fu TO’A practitioner try to learn all high kicks and low kicks and application of them. TO’A emphasize to be fast and powerful and having very good resistance in front of different opponents with different capacities. But at the same time Kung Fu TO’A practitioner must learn many philosophical, spiritual, scientific, subjects materials and notions. A real Kung Fu TO’A practitioner is not only a big fighter between others but also a scientific minded human being who is ready to help others. He can be very dangerous but at the same time he is under control of not only himself but also his high culture. Learning this technique, he becomes a Real man who is powerful physically, mentally and spiritually but in a positive way and not to be a machine of destruction