Master Farid Hussain

About Master Farid Hussain:

Master Farid Hussain was born in 1979 in Lahore, Pakistan. He is the founder and President of PKTA, an Association promoting the cause of TO’A. He has been learning and instructing Martial Arts skills for more than two decades. He is now the only official senior instructor of TO’A in Pakistan.


His Sports History:

Master Farid Hussain started his career at the age of thirteen with gymnastics. After one year, he switched from gymnastics to learn kung fu TO’A. His first TO’A teacher was Master Fayyaz Ahmad who trained him for three years. Master Fayyaz Ahmad then disappeared mysteriously for the unknown reasons. This made Master Farid learn the other styles of Kung Fu. Here he met Master Johar Subhani who ignited his passion for Taekwondo and made him learn it. Master Hakeem Nadir Abbas the man who perfected his Taekwondo skills. Meanwhile, he happened to have a contact with Great Master Ajmal Mughal who perfected all his Wushu, Kick Boxing and Pencak Silat skills and styles. Later on, he succeeded in having a contact with his previous teacher, Master Fayyaz Ahmad, who then delivered the latest and the remaining techniques of TO’A to Master of Farid Hussain.


In 2010 Master Farid communicated with the Great Master of TO’A, Mostafa Jalilzadeh, who is the only TO’A master all over the world at the present time. He is the true bearer of the true knowledge and skills of Kung Fu TO’A. Ever since Master Farid has been revising and updating all the TO’A techniques gradually under the honorable supervision of Master Mostafa Jalilzadeh.


In 2011 Master Farid participated in (World Kung Fu To’a Championship) and won the second position silver medal for Pakistan.


His Achievements:

  1. In 2011, Master Farid participated in World Kung Fu TO’A Championship held at Iran and got the 2nd position, Silver Medal.
  2. From 2011 to 2013 he attended (as President of PKTA), different Martial Arts Seminars, Camps & Meetings held in Singapore, UAE, Sri Lanka, South America (Chile) and Thailand.
  3. President “Body & Mind Training Institute” (Canada), honorable Master Mostafa Jalilzadeh has nominated him the sole representative of TO’A in Pakistan.
  4. Mohammad F. Tehrani, President of WKFTF (World Kung Fu To’a Federation, Denmark) has also nominated him the official representative of TO’A in Pakistan.