About Us

Master Farid Hussain feel honored to welcomes you to the “Pakistan Kung Fu To’a Association” website. This site offers you the original and accurate instructional guide of Kung Fu To’a. Under the stewardship of Master Farid Hussain he will demonstrate step by step every stage of Kung Fu To’a through pictures, instructional videos and manuals to support your development and understanding of this martial art. Once you register your name with us it will allow you to access online instructional videos, manuals, tutorials, exams, forums, pictures and interaction with other students who share your passion for Kung Fu To’a. Join us and be part of this unique learning experience.



The goal of the Association is to provide a platform to all the practitioners of To’a to developed their skills under the guidance of worthy masters. Furthermore, it will also give them an opportunity the display their skills both at National & International fight tournaments and exhibitions. The Association seeks to heighten the martial arts quality and acumen of all participants. In addition the Association believes that the cooperation and exchange of ideas within the kung fu To’a family will ensure the practitioners’ mutual growth and longevity. Above all, the Association is all about sports and has no political agenda or purpose whatever.